Zodiac Egiptean

Acest zodiac tine cont de zeii vechilor egipteni. Alegeti perioada în care v-ati nãscut pentru a vedea sub tutela cãrui zeu sunteti.


1 Ianuarie - 7 Ianuarie, 19 Iunie - 28 Iunie, 1 Septembrie - 7 Septembrie

The Nile is a river whose steadiness is interrupted by floods of increadible abundance. Like an artery in which the blood and salt of the maternal body of the Land of Egypt circulate the sacred rivers fertilizes the earth with its rich deposits. There, where the papyrus, reeds, millet, sorghum and ritual flowers grow, civilization is born.

Those born under this signe are peace-makers, lovers of refinement and owe it to themselves to live in an awakened state. They are receptive to all the riches they bring to their surroundings.

The scene and repository of divine drama and powerful ambitions, the Nile witnesses the fall of Seth, the ressurection transformation of Osiris and the glory of Horus. On its river, Thoth the bird-god originated his philosophy. From the plants that push their roots into the river's depths, the healing god Anubis harvests the aromatic substances for his cosmic pharmacy. The "Nile people" are wise, tolerant and capable of motherly tenderness towards all those who desire to break loose from ignorance. But, like this river that spews forth layers of fertile silt and corrosive deposits, they are subject to changing moods.

Ra Amon